First time WP user, finding no way to insert images into posts or pages (1 post)

  1. Skye1
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Hi everone...
    Its been more than a week of not being able to make any of my image plugins work in WP.
    Im a Joomla developer and am busy with my first WordPress site.Its actually such a pain to just work with the images, a simple thing like ADDING IMAGES TO A FRONTAPAGE POST!!!!! OR IN A IMAGE GALLERY IN MY PAGE. IVE NEVER BEEN SO FRUSTRATED.

    I read through tons of posts and tutorials whats wrong?????

    I would like to know, or was hoping that you could pls lead me into the right direction, as I have downloaded about 5 plugins and havent has anything to work in my poats or pages re images....

    My question is how do you add an image pop up in a frontpage post? I need a simple 3 image gallery, that pops up nicely when clicked on PLUS a image gallery that requires the image to be attached to the page...? When I go to my page it doesnt allow me to actually "attach a image" I mean really, sometime it shows sometimes it doesnt.....

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My website is http://tablemountainview.com/wordpress/

    Kind Regrads

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