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  • For some reason, when I first try to install wordpress, I get this message:
    create one before moving on.”); require_once(‘../wp-config.php’); require(‘upgrade-functions.php’); $step = $HTTP_GET_VARS[‘step’]; if (!$step) $step = 0; ?> WordPresshide_errors(); $installed = $wpdb->get_results(“SELECT * FROM $tableusers”); if ($installed) die(‘
    You appear to already have WordPress installed. If you would like to reinstall please clear your old database files first.
    ‘); $wpdb->show_errors(); switch($step) { case 0: ?>
    So I clear my old databases and even reinstall MySQL, but still no go. I’m stumped. Can anyone please help me out?

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  • Hey
    Is this a fresh install or not? cause you mentioned that you cleared your OLD database. Anyhow, if you didn’t have a previous version of WP, Then the way I did it is: Rename the file that comes with WP called config.example.php into config.php and enter the needed information. Then follow the instructions given in the WP readme file. if you did have a version of WP then First you should do Backup. For your databases and files then run upgrade from ur server.
    Hope this helps !

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