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    Hi @sbrajesh

    When someone uploads from the activity stream a media type for the first time, e.g. a photo, they are presented with a privacy error. This is because the “Wall photo Gallery” folder doesn’t exist and is created at that moment. If the user tries again, then they can upload.

    The problem is that users won’t know what to do when they see this privacy notification.

    Normally the upload should follow immediately after the folder creation, but it is not the case.

    Thanks in advance

    PS 1: GROUPS ONLY: Unable to publish photos from the activity stream, if I don’t add text in the WhatsNew form. In this case, I see an empty notification.

    PS 2: I use the latest version of Mediapress

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    Well, I found that the error occurs because of the Setting “Default status for Gallery/Media” in General>Privacy Settings. This setting has the explanation “It will be used when we are not allowed to get the status from user”

    I had set it to “Friends Only” and this was causing the problem. I changed it and now it is OK. However, I don’t understand how a default setting supposed to be applied to users is applied to groups as well.

    The PS 1 mention above still persists.

    Plugin Author Brajesh Singh


    HI Georgio,
    My apologies for missing it earlier.

    1. First Time Error with Activity Upload:- It is a bug. I found it and have fixed it. Will be available in next release.
    The reason was when the status is non public, the wall gallery status is updated twice on create. The new status was not available on gallery object.

    2. I will try to check 2 and get back to you within a day.

    Thank you

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    Hi @sbrajesh

    1. First Time Error with Activity Upload: Now uploading follows the Wall folder creation immediately. So this problem is resolved.

    2. Uploading photos from group activity needs to add some text. You still can not upload a photo alone. And an empty warning message appears. So this problem is not yet resolved.

    Some thoughts: the way “Uploading from activity” works is not convenient. And the whole thing is somehow ugly. I think that the buttons should be integrated in the whats-new box (as rtmedia does).

    PS Meanwhile I tested replacing the whats-new box with tinymce and I think I will follow that direction. I will use Mediapress only for the Galleries. So I mark this topic as resolved.

    Thanks again

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