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  • While this isn’t so much a problem as a concern, I noticed that even though i have the option to send first time comments into moderation, they are appearing immediately.

    I’m wondering if this is due to Spam Karma 2, but I’m not sure. Anyone else having this happen, or is my blog just being flakey?

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  • No idea. I run without SK2 and don’t have that behavior.

    Well, then I wonder why none of my comments endup in moderation from first timers. Hrmm.

    I’m bumping this because it’s still an issue and I’d very much like to know what exactly is causing it. What controls how WP determines a first time commenter, for instance? How can I check to make sure everything is working.

    On my old server I’ve never had a problem, but I only really noticed the issue the last month, so I can’t say when exactly it started.

    An update on this (even though I’m the only one who apparently cares!) – Dr. Dave confirmed it is an SK2 thing, it basically overrules all the moderation criteria set in Discussion options. Which is fine with me – I really just wanted to know why it suddenly stopped moderating things.

    So, yeah…that’s all….

    I have this same problem and while I love SK2, it’s driving me nuts because, at heart, I’m a comment moderation nazi. It seems that the documentation for SK2 is a bit slim but I wonder if there’s a way to have SK2 take over and moderate all comments? Any ideas?

    I got it! I asked Dr. Dave and he pointed me to this plugin.

    Whoop, thank you davebgimp! *squish* You are officially my hero.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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