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  • Looks nice…simple and clean

    I like single-column layouts, I’m sick to death with the typical left-navi-center-content-right-junk layouts.

    One thing: when I started reading “this is me with my dog …”, all I saw was the animated photos in the header and wondered, where is this person who writes to me? Also, where’s the dog? All I see is cats … then I noticed the picture at the side.
    Maybe put it on the left of the page, or not reference to the image directly.

    Other than that, a real nice site!

    I like it. Very simple and clean, and because of that, your photos stand out. Good example of having the design serve the content rather than distract from it.

    Only thing you should be aware of – Your flash header will not appear to anyone with scripting disabled (a lot of Firefox users with the NoScript add-on, which disables scripting by default).

    It’s not a big deal because most users who do this are aware that disabling scripting may hide some content, and it’s a simple click to enable it for a given site. I’m not at all saying that you shouldn’t use the flash header — just wanted to let you know. Some people put in a <noscript> notice just to let users know that they are missing content.

    Thanks for the feedback! I changed my introduction so it was clearer. I’ll look further into how do do a <noscript> notice. I really appreciate you guys taking the time to look and comment.

    Shows your work off very nicely. All looks good, but you should change the copy on your ‘About Us’ page ASAP. I’ve copied/pasted what it says now below:


    This is an example of a WordPress page, you could edit this to put information about yourself or your site so readers know where you are coming from. You can create as many pages like this one or sub-pages as you like and manage all of your content inside of WordPress.


    great site

    Yikes – thanks for the heads up on the About page – I didn’t even realize that was there. I fixed it. Thanks so much for the feedback!

    I like it a lot!! Beautiful photos too. Definitely bookmarking this site

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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