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  • I love basic / “lots of white” websites and decided to make a theme from scratch (otherwise known as minimalist).

    Just wanted to see what you all thought. I don’t have comments up…don’t feel like messing with them. The search bar will come later.

    I’m very new to CSS and HTML, so go easy. 🙂 Thx.


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  • TechGnome



    Nice…. Very Nice. Crisp, clean, not overly done. Good choice in colors (disclaimer: blue is my favorite color, so I may be biased.) Clearly here content is king!


    Thanks Tech. I was going for the crisp, clean look…that was my hope anyways, seeing as I have little CSS experience and started from a blank txt file. 🙂

    It’s too bright, it burns my eyeballs!

    Just kidding. It looks good.

    Very nice. Only thing that threw me a bit is the way the category list lays out in the sidebar – it’s too busy, in contrast with the rest of the site….

    Loved your response to “Michael”, btw….

    LOL. Thanks Vkaryl. I changed the sidebar and I think it looks more inline with what I was going for. Thanks again for the critique.

    I like the crispy-ness, but it may be too crispy for it’s own good, IMO.

    To me it almost looks unfinished, or broken — as if you made a typo in your style.css or something 🙂

    e.g. it looks like the entry text is just kinda going off into a right border of nowhereness. And we know the footer is centered across the full blog, but when you’re at the bottom of the page and only see the main content, it looks off kilter.

    I think a very light gray (maybe very, very light if you wanna keep it extra minimalist 🙂 border around the entire thing, and maybe a super ultra light gray background or right border in the sidebar would help both of these a lot.


    Thanks for the reviews. Joebar, I tried your suggestions but they ended up making my theme look like many others.

    Melodiefabrieknl, thanks!

    Looks great! I personally am not a fan of really minimalistic themes, especially those that have no box or border around the site. I find sites that just kinda run off the edges odd looking. But maybe it’s just me.

    Nice theme looks great i like the style.

    From someone that just has an index page, and is still looking for inspiration . . . I like. It does what it needs to without pretense.

    Has a good rhythm without being overbearing, and I really enjoyed the lyrics . . . can’t wait for the CD.

    – HD

    Thanks so much for all your views / reviews. I appreciate it. You guys are the reason WP is so great!

    I would left align the header text with the left side of the entries.

    And it really DID hurt my eyes when I first clicked over there, the glare. Soon adjusted though.

    Looks great to me.

    love it, simple and clean!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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