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    I used the following exemple code before to make my own tabs :

    [tabby title=”First Tab”]
    Tabby ipsum dolor sit amet, kitty sunbathe dolor, feed me.
    [tabby title=”Second Tab”]
    Lay down in your way catnip stuck in a tree, sunbathe kittens.
    [tabby title=”Third Tab”]
    sleep in the sink climb the curtains attack, give me fish.

    However, the first tab’s content doesn’t appear in the first tab but only in the second AND the third with their own contents

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  • Plugin Author cubecolour


    Please provide a link to the page on your site where I can see the issue.

    Sorry, I can’t, the page contains private data.

    Maybe some plugins make it crash but I don’t see how

    Plugin Author cubecolour


    Sorry, it is not possible for me to investigate the issue on your page if I am unable to see it.

    I can’t send to you screenshots of the tab’s display instead ?

    Plugin Author cubecolour


    To be able to troubleshoot issues I need to interact with the page using the browser’s web develper tools. A screenshot can show the symptoms of an issue, but won’t provide many clues regarding the cause.

    If your site is cannot be shared publicly, there is a (non-free) private plugin support option available from my website, or you could set up a second site with no private data on it and if you can reproduce the issue there, post a link to the affected page on that site here.

    I created a local site to test the plugin but I have the same error. But you cannot access a local site I think ?

    I found an error in the CSS code : the first tab have style=”display: none;” when it should have style=”display : block;”

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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