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  • I like the graphics and the images

    is this a autoblog?

    It’s nice, I couldn’t see any links to a shop or anything that was clearly visible, simply blog posts talking about shoes. Perhaps you may want to consider an easy to use menu system, or a front page simply explaining the site is just blog posts about kids shoes?

    I dunno, I was a bit confused what the site was trying to do.

    Another note is you have links to acai berry, online gambling, loan sharks and other dodgey websites in your footer. Fine if you’re getting payed for those links, otherwise you should do some theme hacking and get rid of them.

    Looks very unprofessional and like this theme was made for the sole purpose of those links.

    Thanks for feedback. Just spent an hour removing those crappy footer links. Footer code was encrypted, then it had a “don’t alter footer” message come up instead of site when I messed with it. Got it out in the end though. I’m a bit confused about what the site is doing too!!! There are links to amazon which is an affiliate. I’m just practicing making a blog and SEO for some future projects I’m dreaming up.

    I can see your admin and other stuff like dashboard and admin stuff on your bottom left. I suggest that you might want to edit that.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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