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    Hopefully this is my last question for awhile. I’m running the Twenty Ten Theme and I’m having trouble with my font size. I’ve played around in the editor (which is probably why I have a problem) to fix it but can’t.

    The first paragraph of the top post on my blog is larger than the rest. How do I get them all a uniform size? I like continuity and want everything to look the same.



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  • check the post with the html setting of the editor, and see if there is this span with a font declaration:

    <p><span style="font-family: Georgia;">5. After 2 years of confusion (ever tried to pronounce it) I have officially signed up to and committed to <a href="" target="_blank">NaBloPoMo</a> for November.  That’s right, I’m going to post every, single, day for a month.  Look out!</span></p>

    try and remove the bits <span style="font-family: Georgia;"> and </span>

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