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  • We recently enabled attribute release on our CAS server so that mail, givenName and sn could be pulled in. Our usernames are goofy pattered alphanumerics that have nothing to do with any personal information. For new users, these attributes seem to be being pulled in… but for preexisting users, the first and last names aren’t being updated.

    I do have the “Update first and last name fields on login” checked… as well as the “Link CAS accounts to WordPress accounts by their username” … if I left the latter unchecked, a new account would be created when that CAS enabled user logged in… since it wanted to create a new user using the email addy rather than username.

    But… I can’t seem to get it to update these existing users. Any suggestions?

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  • Plugin Author pkarjala


    @aspeagle Thank you for your help request.

    To clarify, when you say usernames are goofy patterned, do you mean the WordPress usernames?

    The match between the CAS user and the WordPress user is based on matching email addresses between the two users. Please make sure that the email address for the existing users matches the email address in the CAS mail attribute that is being passed back.

    Also, make sure that “Link CAS accounts to WordPress accounts by username” is NOT checked to enable the default behavior, this way the matching email address for the existing users will update their First and Last Name attributes.

    You may want to test this on a non-production environment first to make sure that you do not accidentally overwrite any user data.

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