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    Hey guys,

    First off, amazing plugin, seriously great work and kudos for the filters you’ve added to make it easy to customize.

    I have an issue I’m wondering if you can recreate, tested in 2.2.0 and 2.1.0 of your plugin:

    On XML data import everything works perfectly, except my main menu, the first menu item and the last menu item are missing (in “appearance => menus”). I’ve used the standard importer with the same XML and all menu items come through fine.

    No errors or flags in the import process on your plugin page.

    Cheers – Tom

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    No reply needed, I’ve figured this one out, the following for anyone having the same issue:

    The issue was not the first and last menu item placement, that was a coincidence. The issue was that those posts happened to have been created by the plugin “Duplicate Post”.

    This is very edge case but the issue is related to a very specific post type I use (mega menu) and the duplicate post plugin, but basically, out of three posts the original was being imported into the menu correctly, the two that were cloned from the original were not. The fix was simply to re-make (from scratch) the two posts that were failing.

    In short, not really an issue with this plugin, just a really edge case scenario created between a post type with very specific permissions/abilities, the duplicate post plugin, and this plugin.

    Cheers – Tom

    Plugin Author Gregor Capuder


    Hi Tom,

    I’m glad you figured it out and thanks for sharing the solution with others.

    Have a nice weekend!

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