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  • Hi All,
    I’ve been using Jetpack since day 1, pretty much, and it’s been a great tool for the added features it brings to my site. I like taking a quick look at Site Stats to get a rough overview of traffic, referrals, etc, though I do use google analytics and other sites to do comparative analysis.

    About a month or two ago, Site stats graph stopped working. No biggy – it just got stuck on the WP logo with the spinning status, though all the analysis showed up. I could also still access monthly overviews, etc, which is quite useful the way it’s laid out.

    Now, a couple days ago, all the stats stopped working. I did update a couple plugins (though can’t place exactly which ones). I tried deactivating ALL plugins on my site, to see if I could pinpoint if it was one of them causing the problem. No such luck. I then tried deactivating, deleting, then reinstalling Jetpack onto my site. Perhaps with a clean install, it would resolve the issue. Now, I can’t even connect it to WordPress.

    The reinstall was fine. The activation was fine. But when it asks me to connect to, it’s telling me that it can’t connect to the server?! So it just hangs, then crashes.

    Logging on to, I’m able to see the site stats, but that’s a pain in the butt, and I still can’t use the other jetpack features until I can connect it.

    is it possible it’s my theme (though I don’t know why it didn’t cause issues before). I use Arras Vs. as the theme. Since all other plugins are deactivated, I feel I can rule them out.

    My site is Where Sidewalks End

    Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you so much for reading through all this… just wanted to be thorough.

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