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    It’s strange. I have two wordpress installatations with identical plugins with the same hosting company. One works fine, but the other has problems. I have a database error every time I post e.g

    “WordPress database error: [Can’t find FULLTEXT index matching the column list]
    SELECT MATCH(post_content, post_title) against (‘test’) as score FROM wp_posts where id=116;”

    which I posted about a few days back and doesn’t seem to affect the final outcome (all seems ok from the front end), though you have to go back to the front page to get back to the dashboard (I don’t get the problem if I edit and re-save). De-activating plugins doesn’t solve it.

    BUT now the first users are joining, two out of three have complained that their emailed passwords don’t work. I changed the password for one of them, and that still didn’t work. Deletion and re-registering did.

    So there are glitches somewhere. Are they related, and is there anything I can do to sort this out before other users (I won’t necessarily know who they are, as anyone can register) have similar problems?

    Or should I back up the posts, delete and start again? The site isn’t meant to be a short-term thing.


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  • Get a fresh copy of the wp-admin folder and re-upload it. Sounds like one of the files are corrupted and it won’t hurt a thing if that’s not it. If you haven’t hacked any admin files.

    Thanks very much. I’ll try that and see what happens! Update: replaced the folder, and still have the database error.

    The only difference in terms of site architecture between my two sites is the theme. The one which works uses blog.txt, and the one with problems uses MistyLook.

    For info, I’ve just tried the site with blog.txt and the database problem doesn’t go away. I’m not particularly technical (which is probably why I like wordpress) so apologise if this is a dumb approach to problem diagnosis on my part!

    “…so apologise if this is a dumb approach to problem diagnosis on my part!”

    Not at all – at least you’re trying to figure it out.
    My only other guess would be if one db was running on mysql 5 and the other on mysql 4. Or do you have them in the same db?
    A very few hosts have problems running WP and mysql 5.

    Separate databases (and on different servers as I recall). Both running mysql 4.

    If I were to backup the content, delete everything including the database and re-install, I need to do it soon before user numbers build.

    I just worry that if I ever give users author roles they’re going to be really put off by the database error. Is reinstalling a sensible strategy – or – will the next version of wordpress most likely wipe out problems as a by-product of the upgrade process?

    I just deactivated every plugin other than WeatherIcon (too much of a hassle getting it to work to begin with) and flicked them back on one by one again. The problem is caused by a plugin after all – AutoMeta.

    What I don’t understand is why it works well on one site and not on the other with same configuration of plugins. Unless it’s something about the order in which they were activated….

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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