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  • Previously, I simply used wordpress as a separate section of a larger website. Well I finally made one that was solely wordpress.

    It was the first time to create a full theme from scratch and there were several times I wanted to through my computer. The main thing was only getting a SUB NAV to show up where the normal categories would display. I’ve still got some work to do with the calendar, but for the main part I think the theme and site is lined out.

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  • The gray type on black is completely illegible. All caps and full justification makes it even worse. Try for some more contrast and a more readable type style.

    I guess we have different color/contrast settings on our monitor. I can read it fine from my pc and my wifes.

    Allenli I get a fatal error going to your site.




    I can read it, but dont want to. just like chrisber said, its the caps and justification….

    it sort of reminds me of a phpnuke site made by a 17 year old.

    Keep in mind who your audience is — maybe its just you, in which case, great.

    Well I changed the justification to left. Removed the uppercase from the post stuff. Better?

    There’s no uniformity, it just feels like it was spat out by a bad cms into tables.

    Look into grid based layouts and how to use spacing. Apart from the outside of the content wrapper, there’s almost no negative space, which makes it feel overly-packed and claustrophobic.

    Some good article on this:

    And try not to be defensive when people criticize your work.
    The fact that grey text on a dark background is uncomfortable to read, is not a personal affront to you, its just something that has been observed by designers to be true. It tends to work better in print because you can use larger fonts and natural light seems to help, but on a computer screen, dark text on a dark background is very difficult to pull off. I would only use it in situations where you are trying to de-emphasize some text, i.e. if you don’t want the text to be the main focus.

    I guess it is just my preference. I have a harder time looking at solid white text when reading.

    As far as being defensive. Mr 600cn was hitting every thread with “check out my site”.

    I’m not sure what browser you were using. I used FF when testing and viewing. I looked at it in IE and it was a bit messed up. So I’m wondering if those problems might have been some that you guys were referring to.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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