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  • I signed up for a Blue Host reseller account after reading they were good at WordPress hosting. My account was quickly established and I was ready to go.

    I set up the first account, for a new customer of mine, and as soon as I installed WordPress the problems began.

    The installation failed and I was unable to access the site or the admin console. I contacted tech support and explained the situation twice, only to be told to submit a support ticket, which I did at 7:33am MST yesterday. It is now 9am the following day and my ticket is still open and does not appear to even be assigned to anyone to investigate.

    Unfortunately I’ve lost the client I had worked so hard to get, and my issue still remains unresolved. I cancelled my reseller account this morning and no one even bothered to ask why I was canceling and why I was asking for a refund. it was a very mechanical procedure, implemented by a company that obviously had no concern regarding customer service or technical support.

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  • I am sorry to hear about your problems. Personally I use Host Gator: for all my web hosting, including WordPress. Once my WP site went down and through the support chat it was up and running again after just an hour. My suggestion is to see what their reseller accounts are. Good Luck!

    Take a look here for hosting suggestions:

    However, this thread will probably be closed because hosting inquiries like this attract a lot of spam.

    I hope my post isnt considered spam. I was just seriously trying to help…

    I wouldn’t call it spam, no, because you’re obviously a real person and not a bot, and presumably not a shill for that particular company, either. 🙂

    Yeah, like I said I use them personally, here at work we use someone else…



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    @phxsunbum – it’s understandably frustrating and upsetting to have a bad experience with ANY service (including web hosting), but I think you’ll find that for all hosting companies you can find opinions and experiences on both ends — excellent and terrible. Things like servers and websites fail, and people make mistakes or drop the ball – I know that doesn’t fix your bad experience or loss of the client, and that’s unfortunate. Hopefully you can find another host that better meets your needs. But as Jess mentioned, it’s forum policy to close threads that get into this kind of discussion.

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