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  • I am pleased to announce the release of Odyssey – the first template pack compatible with the theme manager in WordPress 1.3. Alpha. Users should be aware of the experimental nature of this first model. It is pre fitted with Gemini, Fujiyama and Maximus positioning templates, their default CSS, and one example. The puropose of this release is to test and demonstrate everything from the zip, the install and right thru to the development road map. Plus of course its compatibility with the theme manager itself.
    Once it is proven to be running I will add Trident and Vesuvius and a style pack. The heads up and download are on my blog at the 404
    My thanks to rboren from the WP devs for his patience in supplying the necessary technical info to let us get this launched.

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  • With Joni’s distinctive CSS we can see who has the theme manager running at a glance 🙂

    I must be missing something too. I downloaded the zip. Unzipped it on my hard-drive. I created a themes folder on my server, uploaded the folders/files (maintaining the unzipped file format), went into admin, presentation, chose a new theme. The index didn’t change appearance.

    ahh.. just read through the thread and figured out the problem. Root pointed out the compatibility issues with the stats plug-in. And that was in fact the problem. Once I deactivated the plug-in, no problems.

    This interesting. These folk have apparently got the theme switcher running. But check out the comments pop up. 🙁

    Not only that, click on the permalink and see what happens. Must have been mucking around with the style sheet.
    BUT I am wondering about the comment popups. Hope that can be fixed. I need to enable comment popups (hate ’em, tho!) on my testbed to check to see what the styles are doing there.

    Ryan Boren


    WordPress Dev

    comments_popup_script() needs to change so that it looks to see if the theme supplies a comments-popup.php. I’ve already changed comments_template() to look for a theme-supplied comments.php.

    Thanks rboren. That looks cool. I will add it in the next release.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Does anyone have a copy of this theme pack which they can put up for download by others or let someone else provide it ?

    podz, I had downloaded this and used it at the Kitchen, but it’s been modified.
    What happened to root’s weblog?

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    It’s gone.. completely..
    While we have the other templates as zip files, what we don’t have is a copy of this first template pack.

    A themes repository would be very nice. I guess we’ll have to wait for 1.3 to get out of alpha.

    I’ll see if I can find something whole and post a link to it. Or if not, I’ll try and recover the pieces and post a link to it.
    I won’t ask what happened to root, other than to hope that he’s well; but it’s a shame he quit so abruptly.

    podz, I emailed you the zipped pack: odissey-alpha.1.0

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Many many thanks 🙂
    I’ll find a home for it and update the layout lists I use and on Codex.

    Given that his last posts were indicative of anything but “quitting” and that his site is down, I suspect something else is up. I, too, hope he is well and returns soon.

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