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    Is there a list of NinjaFirewall rules that identifies which vulnerability the rule is protecting against when triggered in the log?

    For example from looking at the logs I’m guessing that rule 1462 relates to the ND Donations plugin vulnerability.

    When I look in the NinjaFirewall settings at the Security Rules > Rules Editor they are identified as e.g. Rule ID: 1462 WordPress vulnerability

    No big deal if there’s not just thought I’d ask.

    As a side note I’m in the process of creating a walk through video of how I set up NinjaFirewall and looking at some of the settings to hopefully help more people use this excellent plugin, keep up the great work.


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  • Plugin Author nintechnet


    There’s no list because security rules may change (e.g. old vulnerabilities are removed or replaced by newer ones), or they may cover 2 or more plugins, or it’s a zero-day and we don’t advertise it until it has been fixed by the author (sometime it may never be fixed for several reasons) etc.
    When possible, I try to add the CVE ID, but lately the Mitre seems overloaded as I’m still waiting for several CVE I requested last months for vulnerabilities we have already disclosed.

    Pete Moore


    Understood thanks for replying.

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