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  • I am VERY new to WordPress.

    I am working with a developer to create a site for me. He has done the basic setup for me and posted the site. It is now up to me to start adding content.

    My problem is that visual mode does not work properly at work. I can select the visual mode tab but the editing area is empty and there are no tools at the top. I have tried IE, Firefox and Chrome, both Mac and Windows, none of them work. It works properly from my house, phone or if I connect OUTSIDE of my firewall at work. I have reached the conclusion that the problem is that my server, SBS 2003, is blocking something that is needed for the visual mode to work. I assume it is the ISA firewall that is doing the blocking, but what traffic I need to unblock is a mystery.

    I have searched the forums and have found no joy. There have been a few mentions of firewalls causing issues but none that say what ports/protocols could be the issue.

    What ports/protocols are needed for the visual mode of WordPress?

    Any other suggestions?


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  • There is nothing we can to do to help with this as it is a purely local issue. You need to speak to your network administrator at work.

    Thanks, I am the network administrator at work and I have been unable to help me.

    In that case, you need to stop your firewall from stripping out all javascript.

    I have looked at the firewall settings and the traffic generated when the pages are accessed and I can see nothing that is being blocked.

    I must ask why you think that javascript is being blocked in some way? All other functions of the website appear to be working normally. If javascript were being blocked wouldn’t almost nothing work or is the visual editor the only thing that uses javascript?

    Please forgive my ignorance but I am not a web developer I am just a user trying to make minor changes to my site.

    Below are screen shots showing what I see. The text editor has buttons and text, the visual is simply empty.

    I must ask why you think that javascript is being blocked in some way?

    Because the Visual Editor (actually TinyMCE) is almost pure .js. It’s also relatively common for corporate firewalls to strip out .js.

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