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  • I’ve narrowed down my slow posting problem (actually a slow return in the admin panel– the post is actually committed right away) to a problem with pinging (the only site we are pinging).

    What needs to be enabled on the firewall to allow the pinging to work properly (port, protocol, etc)?

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  • Nothing.
    How many links are in your posts ?
    Have you switched off pinging and seen a speed increase ?

    And pingomatic has had some problems recently I think ?

    If I delete from the Write tab, then the posts are almost isntantaneous. I have already turned off all the other pingiing options. The posts have no links at all!! I am running

    I should add that this problem has persisted for more than a week now, so I don’t *think* it’s a problem at their end…

    Are you posting from a regular home machine, or are you behind some sort of corporate firewall ?

    It has nothing to do with a firewall. XML-RPC travels over port 80 like the rest of your http traffic. Unless somedody didn’t want you getting to the internet at all, in which case you wouldn’t be able to get to your website or

    It could be slow because of the amount of links. Your last post on the 13th has 23 links. Thats alot of sites to ping!

    The post with 23 links is not even the SITE I am talking about! This is a site on a University server. Everything else works, including plenty of port 80 traffic. The posts in question (since I have been testing) have NO LINKS IN THEM.

    Yes, there is a University and a machine firewall in place.

    If I remove, the posting time for even a 2 word, no link test post goes from 90 seconds or so to two seconds.

    We assume that if we click a person’s name that we will go to the site where they are having the problem.
    If you did not indicate where the site was, please don’t yell at us for making an assumption based on the experience of countless hours here helping others.
    Thank you.

    I’m not yelling– sorry if it seemed that way. I maintain about 30 WP sites, I don’t think to change the link every time. I’m completely unsure how looking at the site from the outside will help with anything in this case (which afflicts multiple wp installations on this server), but here you go:

    That’s one of the sites having the problem on this server.
    Besides my etiquette, for which I apologize, does anyone have any ideas what could cause this?


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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