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  • Using the latest FF (1.0.2) I’m not certain if it coincided wth the FF update, but suddenly using the bookmarklet to post to WP, I’m *constantly* forced to log in, then bookmarket post (after signing in) has all the bad “%20” and weird code inserted in the spaces of the headline and the post is useless. I also tried the JustBlogit plugin for ff and the effect is the same. I’m pretty sure it’s firefox but I can’t find any support issues of this nature with FF, so I’m turning to wordpress user with any experience of this anomaly? I have re-installed firefox, and the bookmarklet does appear to work in IE. And no, I’m not gonna just blog itn ie 😉

    TIA, Lori aka Corq

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  • fixed it myself – the “Clear All” firefox in “Options” button is my new friend. Somethng about inheriting the old cache from the upgrade appears to have been the culprit.

    FWIW – I have had EXACTLY the same problem with WordPress 1.52 and Firefox 1.0.7
    Turned out to be my firewall (zonealarm) that was set to block 3rd party cookies…… Made the Login screen come up – then the link was all FF’s and 20’s etc 🙂
    now seems ok with allowing 3rd party cookies in Zonealarm and doing cookie management via Firefox instead.
    ALSO make sure you are logged in (ie don’t log out from) your WP admin panel.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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