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    I am currently tweaking my site for Firefox (Mac) compatibility.

    The site was designed with a Mac, using Safari. I have checked it out with Opera, and all is fine. I don’t have access to a PC, so haven’t been able to tweak for i.e. yet. (I would appreciate any feedback from PC users.

    Here is the wierdness:

    Check out our fiction newspaper horoscope

    In the other browsers the horoscope comes out fine. But in Firefox (2.0 rc3) everything between Taurus and the last two paragraphs disappears. At first I thought maybe it was the column wrap css I am using, but it also happens on the archive page which is not wrapped. See here:

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  • When display issues – always start here:

    and learn basic html: the comment out is
    <!-- text here --> only 2 dashes, not a zillion…

    On further investigation, this is what WordPress seems to be doing. It is inserting random <p> markers in my post.

    I reformatted the article, taking out all carriage returns and whitespace, and it is still full of random paragraph markers. What is that all about???

    Reformatting the post still doesn’t resolve the Firefox issue. Its as though there is some hidden control character in there or something. Bizarre.

    and learn basic html: the comment out is
    <!– text here –> only 2 dashes, not a zillion..


    Is there any reason people on this site have to be such jerks! We are all learning here. Even you, Moshu, so there is not need to give me shit!

    It is not entirely obvious that additional dashes are not considered proper html. None of the tutorials I’ve read mention this. I thank you for pointing it out, but do you have to be so damned rude in the process?

    Well I do not know what you mean by *not entirely obvious*. None of the html specification is obvious until you have read it.

    Root, I’m glad that you are such a genius that you can remember all of everything you have read about html, but I really don’t need this crap.

    I am not a coder, I am just someone trying to get my site to work, and I am trying to retain as much of this as I can, and still do the real work, which is the content of my website.

    If you don’t want to help me learn, then just don’t reply to my post. I don’t need your immature elitist geek shit in my face.

    I checked your website with FF, and seems to be having no issue. is your problem resolved now ?


    I must point out that it’s weirdness, not wierdness.

    That’s just weird.

    Problem resolved. Thank you.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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