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  • I’m having a rather annoying issue of Arras theme looking different on Firefox than it does on Internet Explorer.

    I have put a navigation image (PNG) into the “nav-content” portion of header.php with a height of 78px and it shows up at its full height on IE. Yet on FF, the nav-content and sidebars float OVER the bottom part of the image, covering it.

    Any ideas what is causing this and how to fix it?

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  • Nevermind, I figured it out. For anyone wondering, all you have to do is add



    .wp-pagenavi a, .wp-pagenavi a:link {
    	padding: 0px 0px;
    	margin: 0px;
    	text-decoration: none;
    	background-color: #FFFFF;

    in user.css!

    Were you ever able to fix your IE problem?

    My website looks great on Chrome, Firefox, but awful in IE 7.0.

    Please advise.

    Hi, I do have problems with IE6 as well the slide show functions does not work. when you click on an image nothing happens. As well the navigaton buttons right and left on top of the slideshow does not work.

    As well the logo on the to left does not show up, only with 1px height.

    Cause I am not a professional I have no clue what to do to get this working…

    Thanks for help

    I’m having the same issue. Somewhere between the top nav bar the slider and the sidebar, I cannot click on anything beyond the top nav bar. This is ONLY in IE6. And it’s ONLY in ONE install of Arras. The other install, on the SAME server, is fine. Yeesh. And it’s all fine in Firefox and Opera.

    Could someone please help me. I have been working an a blog and in Firefox, it looks like I think it should. On IE, there is almost nothing there.

    The blog is:

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Almost as always validation errors.

    It’s better to write good code 😉


    I’m having the same problem with IE can click anything!

    Ahh I fixed, just downloaded the new version of IE 8 and now everything works

    I suppose it is better to know how to write better code, but what if you are not a coder and you just downloaded a wordpress theme and added some pages with your own text and still your website fragments in IE…what advice then?


    Supply a link and see if we can help.

    what advice then?

    Download a theme that is valid from the start! Otherwise, you will have to do some coding to fix these things.

    I read all these mails on this subject and went to the validator. It said I didn’t have the DOCTYPE but I checked and I do.

    I did not start having issues with IE until I got a new computer that runs Windows 7. On Vista the IE shows the site centered on the page. Now IE shows it to the left and my sidebar information is on bottom, after the posts.

    In firefox it looks fine. I disabled plugins and that did not work.

    Is there something about Windows 7?

    I checked code and did not find anything except one small thing I fixed.

    i’m at americanpendulum .com

    You have got a tonne of validation errors….no wonder your site won’t work properly.

    It says you have no doctype because you’ve confused it. Line 1 of your header is <head> which doesn’t need to be there….. you’re head section starts down below with this <head profile="">

    when you use the validator, make sure you check the show source option to see each line it’s complaining about….many things to fix

    And once you fix those validation errors, and you still have issues with IE, you may want to look into writing a specific stylesheet for it using conditional comments. Those are less necessary with IE8, but still needed in some cases with IE7. And don’t get me started on IE6. 🙂

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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