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  • nickross


    Is it possible to make a firefox seachbar plugin that searches a specific WP site?

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  • moisie


    It is possible, although I don’t remember enough to explain how. The Add Engines… page probably has info.

    Another search technique would be to create a bookmark in your quick searches folder with the address of your wp then: ?s=%s as the query string, so something like:

    Give it a keyword (edit it once created) then if you type that keyword and what you want to search for in the url bar it will search your site.



    Yes it’s possible. It’s not too difficult to code is well, I think. I will ask someone who coded one for another site if he’s interested in doing one for WP.



    hey all, i’m new here. got an email from Jinsan saying someone wanted some help with Firefox plugins. they’re ridiculously easy to write. head over to to learn how to write your own.

    if a site has a GET method, you can make a plugin. if it has POST, you’re screwed (although i’ve been able to write plugins for many sites that use POST as well).

    anyone got a WP blog site they need a plugin for? i’ll write a few as examples and i’m sure you can edit it quite easily from there. i’ve made one for the support forums while writing this email. you can get it at my site:

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    This addition to Firefox is the mutt’s nuts, it really is !

    I’ve just ran it on a few terms and it does the business each time – fantastic !!

    Thank You !!

    Got Firefox ? Get this !



    I´ve just made one for Sponbustion, and it works great!

    How about building this into WordPress as standard?

    Thank You!



    Pogo, I would love one for, please. If you make it, I’ll brag about it and you at length in return. 🙂




    I´d be happy to whip one together for you. Email me at “spontaneous [dot] combustion [at] gmail [dot] com” and I´ll send you the code and simple instructions.




    Dude! This rocks! I’m honoured to have one built for my site already! 🙂

    Added WP to my search engine list already!



    Heh heh, figured this would be popular. He did one for another site I’m on, and well I gathered that his efforts would be useful.

    It’s worth visiting his site for other stuff that might be of use.

    Cheers again pogo 😉



    hi Carla, your site’s search doesn’t seem to be working. i ran a search and got a 404 error. try for yourself.

    and also, you should link the “” graphic to the homepage to make it easier to get back there. lemme know when you have the search fixed and i’ll whip up a plugin for you if Nickross hasn’t already given it to you.



    I have made a detailed howto with a well commented (and getting more commented by the day) example to work from.

    You can read the Howto HERE.

    good job, cookiepuss. i’d just like to add a few things:

    some sites do in fact need to have a different character set, but if you’re working with only European languages, you’re fine with


    (i only mention this cuz i write some Chinese and Japanese plugins for myself… this might be useful for, i dunno.. the 1 person on this site who has a blog in Korean, Cyrillic or Arabic… ) for a complete list of encoding, here:

    also, be sure to save your file as ANSI text, not UTF or Unicode, cuz Firefox’d be like “nuh-uh. i don’t know what that is.”

    you also need to Photoshop up a 16×16 pixel icon. you can save it as a GIF, JPG, or PNG. don’t use JPG cuz at that small size, you won’t get any size savings. (the file may actually be slightly bigger than if you used GIF). i prefer to use PNG… it’s slightly bigger than GIF, but it’s an open, patent-free format. no greedy company controls the licensing for it (unlike GIF). PNG-24 since it’s great for multiple levels of transparencies (GIF & PNG-8 can have only 1 transparent color).

    anyhoo, email me at zmei snailmark sugarcloud period com if you have questions.

    Is anyone willing to do it for my blog? =/

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