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  • Please, please (please) help. I’ve searched through the forums and found many people asking for help with the same issue but no solutions that work for my site.

    FireFox (Win, Mac, and Linux) has a long-standing bug that can cause problems with side-by-side floated containers whose content is filled by WP. In the past, I’ve been able to work around the bug, but I can’t figure it out this time.

    The site is: Visit it in ANY other browser and it works great–the main “guts” content column floats left, the sidebar floats right. In FireFox, however, the main “guts” column stacks UNDER the sidebar.

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  • Is there someone out there who can offer me suggestions for fixing the problem without getting personally offended by the request?

    I’m not a newb to either WP or CSS, but I feel like this is a very simple issue and solution that I’m just not grasping. I’ll be happy to provide my CSS file (again, I tried, but the post containing the link keeps getting yanked from this thread).

    Well if you wanted the support of the WP community – then as you were designing your oh so trendy masterpiece – then you might have left the *Powered by WordPress* credit.

    <sigh> Still working on the site. Some of the little things like that have yet to be added back in.

    I DO clearly promote WordPress on the page about the site tech and design.

    Of course, you, Root, clearly promote a different blog platform on your blog. So why are you here muddying up other people’s requests for help with blog software that obviously isn’t good enough for you?

    Well I do have some experience with WP. And I do use it on commercial sites with folk who haven’t yet seen the light. 🙂 And I do run a number of WP sites.

    Look, man. I’m not here to argue. I help out other people around here when I can. I’m just another WP user asking for help with a problem he can’t solve on his own.

    If you can help me, please do. If not, then I appreciate the conversation, but I’d really like to limit this thread to direct discussion of the technical issue I’m facing.

    Well in that case you need to revist your understanding of float positioning, and stop blaming it on everybody else. And in particular you need to study the Box Model.

    Can anyone help me figure out this technical issue please?

    Well hopefully someone who knows a bit more about layouts and CSS positioning than I do will be along to help you out.
    @ moshu: Can you add your two cents for the guy please. 🙂




    I would look, but your site wont even load for me.

    I will say this..

    FireFox (Win, Mac, and Linux) has a long-standing bug that can cause problems with side-by-side floated containers whose content is filled by WP.

    That remark makes NO sense what-so-ever.

    Its impossible for a browser to differentiate between content that is filled by wordpress and content that is filled by something else.

    Content is content — plain, simple, and matter-of-factly.

    I should add that I have a total of EIGHT floats on my front page and dont have a single problem. Its not a bug, its in your styling..

    This has been independently verified by several code-savvy visitors.

    It has?




    here’s one for you:

    I must have magical powers since all the WordPress content just floated right into where it needed to be for me.

    Did I mention I use the web dev extension for Firefox? 🙂 If not, I do.

    And did I mention that’s Firefox? I guess I did.

    Now that is really neat. 🙂 Me? I couldn’t be bothered. 🙂




    I could tell him what the problem is but it would more of a learning experience for me to suggest this:

    Your site is about design – so live up to the credo, or get another day job.
    In other words, instead of going on about how its a bug (which it isnt), use your brain, and troubleshoot- systematically remove the cruft, starting with that crappy google iframe ad on the right hand side. etc..

    In fact, if you want to make it real simple dont bother with the front page – use your about page. Less clutter, ya know?

    Did I mention I use the web-dev extension for Firefox?

    PS: I really got a kick out of the “dont steal my code” message in the css. Classic. Especially considering this thread.

    PSS: And I dont mean to be bitchy – its not personal.

    Well I could have told him what the problem was ages ago. 🙂

    ROFL Neither of you morons knows what the problem actually is. All you did, Whooami, was hit Edit CSS in the Web Dev extension and take a screenshot. I could have told you that just opening the Edit CSS pane jumps the left column div into place–it’s a characteristic of the odd behavior that makes many people believe it’s an FF layout bug.

    As far as my design… I’ve seen your no-talent, no-traffic sites. They respond to your opinions and coding ability far more eloquently than I could.

    I love how small-minded individuals who feel bullied by someone or something else in their lives (lawsuits, maybe?) have found that the anonymity of the Web enables them to rebuild their battered egos by picking on someone else.

    I asked an honest question, looking for help in a community where I’ve helped many over the five years I’ve been a part of it. Neither of you know enough about the subjects in my help request to be of assistance, but you decided it was an opportunity to further your puerile need to appear L33T. Unfortunately, your illusion of advanced coding ability is flimsy and easily seen through by anyone with a little intelligence. Even if you had been more careful in your copious admissions of ignorance in the above replies and rejoinders, your blogs, which are poorly coded with the design sensibility and complexity of kindergarten crayon drawings, speak volumes about your ignorance and lack of ability.

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