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  • First off I know this is off topic/WP but I figure there are a lot of FF users and maybe someone else has encountered this.

    With three different downloads of the most current version of Firefox I had the same problem on all of them.

    I could not change the default Fireox start page on any of them even though I made sure that that box was unchecked upon each install, I also uninsatlled/rebooted before subsequent installs.

    Everytime I tried to change this Firefox default startpage thru tools etc. I got a saving preference error.

    The one thing I did not try was about:config and reset the home page there.

    Anyone encountered something similiar to this or is this an attempt of FF becoming more like MS and not allowing the reset of home page from their start page.

    It works flawlessly on mine but only had this problem on my Mom’ laptop

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    Did you think about spellunking through the FF forums for help? We may be FF users, but we (for the most part) are just that, users. I don’t think there are many (if any) among us that have the intimate knowledge of FF to answer that. But I could be wrong. But even still, I think you may be better off running this past the people in the FF forums….


    Of course, the Mozilla Foundation is the new MS, which is why Google are using Gecko as their base for their browser:)

    I’ve not encountered the problem myself, but have tried to completely removing/erasing your existing profile (back up the bookmarks first). Uninstall and remove any trace of FF, and then reboot. Reinstall FF and it should ask you to create a new profile, if it doesn’t you haven’t removed everything. That should fix the problem.

    I also agree you’re better off heading to the forums there. THey have advanced users and coders with knowledge with this sort of thing who would be in a better posiition to answer and troubleshoot

    Thanks TG/Jinsan, I know that it was not actually the right forum but was just curious.

    There are no bookmarks/preferances et cetera as it was a fresh install on my Mom’ new laptop and did not import from any other browser.

    I am going to try the about:config thing I mentioned above. I put on Netscape 8.0 for her and she does not need dev tools/extensions et cetera.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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