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  • I was editing a normal post the other day and i press the Control button Z (i thought but might have made a mistake) i was in the edit try to undo some text i did.

    Then the browser reloaded and something strange happened. From then on when i load any of my blog pages it is all in a very very small font that can not even be read and appears pixelated.

    I have to use i.e to read the site now. I just worried others using Firefox might get the same thing. I use FF for any other web sites and it’s fine!

    What could i have done and how could i change some setting back??

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  • Here’s my guess — you cut and pasted text from something like Microsoft Word and put it into the Visual Editor.

    When you did that, it carried a bunch MS Word codes specifying the font, including a IE conditional comment at the beginning of your post (IE conditional comments tell only IE browsers to insert certain styles, but are ignored by other browsers).

    You can see this code if you edit your post in HTML view.

    If your problem is indeed caused by this, you should search for MS Word on this site — you’ll find posts explaining why there are a lot of problems cutting and pasting from MS Word, and how you are better off either composing directly in the editor, or at least “cleaning” your MS Word text by pasting into Notepad first (removes all formatting).

    Oh, a second guess — reading the first paragraph of your post… you left some open tag, such as <small> or <div> in the post you CTRL-z’d on, and it’s affecting the whole page.

    Hard to tell without a link to the site. i don’t know if your getting the same results but one every page at that site i visit using Firefox it is very small. And fine in IE.

    I got to try and even remember what post i was editing now! That could be a hard one.

    I was hoping it was a setting in Firefox browser i somehow changed. But all other site in FF work well. It’s odd.

    The whole WP dashboard and every thing is all in tiny verty small unreadable pages and smaller, menus, tables, everything!!

    Just looked at it in Firefox 3.x and it looks fine — exactly how it looks for me in IE7. No small font or anything.

    So it’s not the things I guessed about above — it may well be some setting you have on Firefox. Have you tried forcing a refresh of the page (CTRL-F5)? Possibly you are retaining an earlier stylesheet for the page.

    Otherwise, I don’t know what it could be. I suggest you look at it on some other computers and see if it happens anywhere but your own computer. And ask your friends, colleagues, etc. to take a look for you — that will be probably yield quicker results than asking strangers on a forum….

    Does pressing Ctrl+0 fix the problem? This resets the zoom.

    PS Just in case – in Firefox go to VIEW -> ZOOM -> RESET and see if that works. If you’re using the current version of Firefox, that is…

    Also displays a font size of 12 in FF2.

    Does pressing Ctrl+0 fix the problem? This resets the zoom.

    Yes… Yes it does. 🙂

    Hey thanks guys!

    Now that you have said that i know why i did it.

    I was supposed to press shift +++ to insert a {+++} which is a Memberwing code in posts to pull some visitor cut off html (tells the plugin what to do). I must have been missed the buttons and pressed Ctrl _

    Every negative has a positive… that’s a cool tool to use for zooming in the web site on the other extreme Ctrl +++. I didn’t know it was there.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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