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    I’ve just recently begun customizing WordPress for my blog and I’ve got it styled perfectly to match my website. It looks perfect in Safari, Chrome, and (strangely enough) IE6 & 7 but for some reason my CSS is ignored in Firefox and IE8. It looks the same in both Firefox and IE8, which is awful, and the only thing I can gather is that the majority of my CSS is not being used (I’m using Adobe browserlab to view it in other browsers).

    I have absolutely no clue what is causing this, especially because the majority of CSS and navigational HTML has been copied and pasted from my main website, which looks fine in Firefox and IE 8. I’ve been trying to inspect with Firebug but that hasn’t shined light on anything either.

    I’m using the Starkers theme so the theme was completely naked before I added my own CSS.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Here is a link to the blog:

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    Start by sorting out the markup errors. Then move onto the CSS errors.



    None of these seem to be the issue though. My only markup errors are from the facebook like plugin (and it doesn’t fix my problem if i deactivate the plugin) and my css errors are css3 errors since not all properties are accepted across the board.



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    find this in style.css:

    #footer ul {
    		margin: 0;
    		[adding: 0;
    		text-align: center;

    the [ before adding: 0; seems to be blocking the execution of all following styles.

    you would have come across this, if you had checked the css validation errors.



    NO WAY! NO WAY!!!!!!

    I cannot believe I did not see that. I cannot believe I’ve been staring at this for a week straight trying everything! I did not see this listed on the W3C CSS validator but did see something about a bracket when I was looking through the debugger in Firebug (but did not see where it was coming from so I was perplexed about that).

    I feel like an utter moron, just a simple typo. I thank you times a million and am giving you the biggest virtual hug ever.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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