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  • I tested this on my site and on the Cue Playlist demo site with the same results.

    If my phone or tablet screen times out but is not locked while playing a cue playlist on Firefox for Android, once it reaches the end of the currently playing track, playback stops and doesn’t start the next track until I turn the screen back on. If the device is locked, the same thing happens, but once I unlock it, playback does not resume, although the next track is selected.

    This has been going on for me for at least the past view major versions of Firefox for Android, up to the current version as of 9/9/2020 (80.1.2) and Android 8.0.0 on phone and tablet.

    This issue is not present on Chrome for Android or on Firefox for Windows 10. It’s also not an issue on my website if I bypass Cue and make a plain WordPress audio playlist. Last time I checked, which was 6 – 12 months ago (maybe longer), this wasn’t an issue on iOS using Safari, but WAS an issue on Chrome for iOS, but that was fixed about that same time. I’ve never tested Cue playlists in Firefox for iOS and I no longer have the hardware available to do so.

    In the Firefox for Android settings, I tried enabling Autoplay for audio and video. In version 80.1.2 the option is “Block audio and video on cellular data only.” So I turned on Airplane mode and enabled Wi-Fi only to ensure it wasn’t cellular data. This didn’t make a difference.

    In Android settings for Firefox I tried disabling Battery Optimization and enabling Background Data. Still no difference.

    Can anyone else reproduce this issue? Both Android devices I tested are low-end, but since the playlists work fine in Chrome I figure the hardware isn’t the problem.

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