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  • No one responded to my previous post about this. Has anyone experience this same issue with Firefox in your post editor?

    My previous post:

    No one is writing or asking about this and I can’t be the isolated issue. It’s happening on four of my WordPress installations; two of them installed locally and two installed at my host. I’ve blogged about the issue and posted a screen shot at my blog . This isn’t a shameless attempt at getting some traffic, but a serious issue that seems to be isolated to Firefox. Everything works fine in IE.

    Here’s the text of my blog about the issue. Please take a look at the screenshot to see the visual of the problem.

    Are any of you having this same problem? I can’t be the only one.


    Another WordPress Issue. This time it’s a browser issue.

    And, wow! This is an ugly issue, too. It seems the most recent update of Firefox is toxic for WordPress!!!!! At least that’s how it appears to me.

    Here’s what’s going on with my WordPress installation and what I’ve discovered. The most destructive thing I’ve discovered is that I can’t open, add or edit posts in Firefox because they disappear if I do!!! Disappear and the content of those posts are replaced by one word …. Undefined. Woa Nelly! Are there gonna be some steamy people out there, if not already.

    I first noticed this a couple days ago as I was creating a blog post. I was taking my time creating this blog post, so I left the browser window to my admin area open for a couple days now. Tonight, I decided to sit down and finish that darn blog off. As I looked at the screen though, something didn’t look right. I’ve only been at this WordPress blogging thing for about a month, so to me, it look odd, but I wasn’t sure.

    Then I started to poke around and noticed I couldn’t switch from “Visual” to “HTML”, and why did I have two Edit Post windows open? Here’s a screenshot of what this Admin area looks like when I’m in this area using a Firefox browser.

    [screenshot here]

    You can see two editing windows are open. So, I went to the WordPress site to search the support forums and see if anyone had this problem. Curious, there was no one talking about it, yet some of the posts led me to believe I should try IE. Well, yep. IE is working fine. I created a post, or at least a “draft” post while in IE (where I am now) logged out and then logged in again using Firefox. Yep, there those pesky windows were, so I took the screen shot you see above and came back here, to IE , and blog this post. That’s when I noticed those words you see in that screenshot above, well, the were GONE! Woa, Nelly, again!! Firefox had wiped them out.

    That’s the gist of the issue. I don’t see any solution yet. I’m sure there is one or will be one soon. Now that I have a screen shot, I can ask around if there are people having the same issue. There has to be. I’ll keep you posted when I find the solution.


    Thanks for your help.

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  • Don’t you think that if nobody had anything to add to your OP that this is an isolated issue? Browsers don’t cause problems – they only render existing problems with code. IE renders code in a much different way than does FF, mostly because it does not conform to CSS standards – so it’s possible for IE to render your page “properly”, while FF does not.

    Have you validated your site?

    I’m having a similar problem. One of my clients is using firefox and posts are disappearing, though excerpts are still there curiously.

    WP 2.7.1 and Firefox 3.0.5.


    I starting having a problem like this today. I had the Google Gears extension installed with Firefox. Disabling that extension has resolved the problem for me.

    I spoke too soon, the problem showed up again. When loading post.php?action=edit&post=x, something seemed to be causing a redirect. Sometimes I would get the dialog asking if I’m sure I want to navigate away from the page without saving. No matter how I responded, the page would appear to redirect. Sometimes I’d get the row of HTML editor buttons at the top of the new page.

    Now with all my Firefox extensions disabled, it seems to be working again.

    I think I’ve tracked it to Firebug 1.3.3 (w/ Firefox 3.0.7). No problem when that’s disabled.

    Could be related to this Firebug issue:

    Updating to Firebug 1.3.4b1 appears to have resolved it.

    I can definitely verify that Firebug (1.5X.0a01) causes a redirect on the Edit Post page. I disabled the console and script panels and the problem disappeared.

    I just started having the disappearing post editing issue today. Discovered it stopped when I deactivated a plugin I installed recently. It was a plugin called the “Kish Manage Multiple WordPress Blogs.”

    After installing that plugin, I could find no way to get the plugin to work, but I hadn’t deactivated it. When I deactivated it, the problem of posts disappearing when I try to edit them stopped.

    Hope that helps someone.

    I installed wordpress for the first yesterday. I am having this problem too. Works fine in IE, but FF is my default browser – currently using version 3.5.4. I haven’t installed any plugin yet, so it isn’t the issue.

    Is there any setting in FF that I should check?

    PS: I haven’t tried to create a new post, I am still editing the default first post and the “about” page to get used to WP and configure it properly.

    Me too. My edits evaporate when I “Update” in Firefox. Fine in Safari, but not when I use Firefox 3.5.7 with WordPress 2.9. I do have Firebug too, but it’s not in use. I may try extracting Firebug totally. Anyone have more ideas? ?

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