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  • Any help would be appreciated, my site displays fine in IE7 but in Firefox my content box has a black background which is not correct. Any help would be appreciated.

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  • $10 paypal to anyone who can fix if that helps get an answer.

    Please provide a link for us. It could be css inheritance problem, or PNG issue or… anything. I’m a full time developer and stuff like these are rather simple to solve with FireBug help.

    p.s. I’m NOT into the money in this case 🙂

    Just post a link, please.


    I use IE8-Beta, Google Chrome, and FireFox 3. The site appears the same for me in all three browsers

    I see a black background, that has black text. In IE8, the header creeps up into the menu a little bit. So when everyone upgrades to IE8, you will have the same problem.

    Classic… you have the non expanding div issue.

    #container is not expanding… it contains #content (float to right) and #sidebar (float to left)

    Firefox does not expand parent div on stuff like these. You need someting like horizontal rule tag right after closing div of #sidebar and before closing div of #container.

    Try first by setting (just for test) the height of #container using css… you’ll see it shows background color white as it should,



    thanks for the input.

    if this thing is screwy in IE8 i’m just changing the background to white. it doesn’t look as nice but at least it is visible.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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