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  • Different parts of my WordPress admin area keep crashing, when I’m using Firefox 3.0.10.

    -Doesn’t happen in Safari.
    -Doesn’t always crash on the same page. Sometimes login, sometimes dashboard, sometimes edit, sometimes image upload.
    -I tried a clean install of Firefox, still crashed. Tried safe mode after my clean install, still crashed.
    -It hasn’t happened on any other sites, only WordPress and with two different blogs I have running (albeit on the same server).

    Anyone have any ideas?

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  • You are the man. Thanks so much. It just started to become an issue for me yesterday and the only area where it happened was when I tried to upload/insert an image. WP worked fine in IE for me.

    Disabled Google Gears and VOILA!


    Solid work Gimli – solved my problem too. Interestingly, I wasn’t having crash problems with Firefox and WP until a couple of days ago…presumably Firefox updated and during the process engaged Google gears (or gears updated and the change caused the crash). Either way, works again. Great!

    That would explain why upgrading to FF3.5 beta worked for me. Gears got disabled because it is non-compliant with 3.5.

    Having the same problem as jfrenaye, but I do not have Gears enabled. Was able to upload images yesterday. Today FF crashes. Made no changes to FF or WP settings. I since tried a clean install of FF Still crashes Images loading fine in IE.

    This problems started for me on 5/29 and crashed FF every time I tried to upload a photo to a new post. I disabled Tools/Add Ons/Gears as described above and all works well again! Thank you!!!

    Yup. Same issue – not able to upload images without Firefox crashing.

    Disabled Gears…. problem solved.

    So – what’s it all about then?

    Yup. Ditto for me. Kept crashing when image uploader is started but works fine after Google Gears was disabled. Thanks for the cure.

    Was having the same problem that started out of the blue about a week ago. Every time I tried to add images to my posts Firefox just closed with no warning. I hadn’t done any updates or new installs. I was stumped. I even tried to reinstall WP in case a file was corrupt. Still same problem. I disabled Google Gears and all in now working. 🙂 The whole thing is just weird, because I’ve had Gears installed and running for months.

    Thank you maikelneris for sharing this solution – you’re my hero 🙂

    Had the same issue and the same solution worked. Thanks for this.

    Worked for me too!


    I had this problem too and I like to add, ‘just’ removing the buffers and disallowing won’t help. You really need to disable the ‘full’ gears plugin. Thx for the fix, I knew I would find a solution at the forums :D.

    Disabling Google Gears also worked for me. Has anyone passed this issue onto either Firefox or Google so they can track it and perhaps fix it?

    Thank you so much. That was so frustrating.

    Thanks a Million!

    Works for me too
    I confirm that you disable the plugin
    not only remove the wordpress site from the google gears list


Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 40 total)
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