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  • madinkbeard


    Different parts of my WordPress admin area keep crashing, when I’m using Firefox 3.0.10.

    -Doesn’t happen in Safari.
    -Doesn’t always crash on the same page. Sometimes login, sometimes dashboard, sometimes edit, sometimes image upload.
    -I tried a clean install of Firefox, still crashed. Tried safe mode after my clean install, still crashed.
    -It hasn’t happened on any other sites, only WordPress and with two different blogs I have running (albeit on the same server).

    Anyone have any ideas?

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  • mosco


    Have the same issue. With several copies of firefox on different computers and different wordpress users.

    All on Mac OS X with firefox 3.0.10, but this was also happening with ff 3.0.9
    What plugins do you have? I think it may be due to a plugin, one that we have in common so far for users crashing is SearchStatus (Alexa), but I am testing with that plugin removed to see if it doesn’t crash anymore.

    It happens every time we try to load the wordpress admin (wp 2.7.1) the comments section in particular, although it could just be the login (the page never loads it crashes).

    The only work around so far I found was to create a new firefox profile and copy+paste my old ff profile files in there (bookmarks, saved passwords, etc.)

    Safari has no problems.



    Crash still happens even with searchstatus plugin removed, so it doesn’t look like it’s a plugin issue.

    Thread Starter madinkbeard


    It’s not a plugin, I had it crash in safe mode too.

    It’s also happened while trying to access

    I’m having the same problem. Crashes every time.

    Is this happening with any and all other WP-generated sites as well?

    I don’t know if maybe this might be related, but:

    Last night, I was experiencing a stupidly weird bug where Opera 9.6.4 would crash out in the middle of loading blogs that had WP content in them.

    Never experienced that before until last night. I was wondering if maybe it was just my own computer that was being crash-happy and so I just rebooted my machine and gave up on Opera 9.6.4 and went back to 9.6.3.

    Also, have you ever been able to check your CPU and RAM usage prior to crash out?

    Thread Starter madinkbeard


    It was also happening to me with this site (well the codex).

    I ended up uninstalling completely Firefox 3.0.10 and then installing the latest Firefox 3.5 beta. So far so good (after extensive wordpress use for a day).

    Besides crashing I am getting a lot of ‘hang time’ with Firefox 3.0.10 since I did the upgrade last week. As I read the first post I was doing a full virus and spyware check thinking that might be the problem but see others are having issues.

    I’d like to ad that I have switched to Google Chrome for the last two days without any problems. I still use Firefox but the delay time was too annoying. Chrome is working well so I can have both my WP sites open at the Dashboard and not have any delays.

    Its happen to me also, any solution for this ?

    same problem, no solution!

    Same problem with Firefox and Internet Explorer! In Firefox I can post but not insert images and it is brutally slow. In IE it crashes when I try to create a new post!

    Try to disable the Gears from FF extensions. Its solve my problem.

    Eureka guys! I just found the solution and I can guarantee it works 100 percent! Simply go to Tools > Add-ONs, select Gears and ‘Disable’ it. Everything will work fine after that.

    And Gears was totally useless to me from day 1. So losing it is not a big deal. If you can’t live without Gears, wait for Mozilla and/or Google to fix it.

    Best Regards,

    That worked! TYVM!

    Disabling Google Gears works perfect for me

    THX GimliGlider!

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