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  • After the update, I noticed weird behavior with the plugin. If I submit a form correctly, it works, but if I make an error (as in leave the email field blank) it highlights the field as well as the answer to the math captcha wrong. I can change the number to anything, it keeps giving an error.

    Weird thing is, this is only in FireFox.

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  • Plugin Author dFactory


    Hi Yusri,

    Can you post a link to your site? Recent Math Captcha updates didn’t include any functional changes, so it’s not the case.

    Seems like it wasn’t the plugin after all. Probably just a weird case but what I needed to do was deactivate and reactivate the plugins (contact form 7 and math captcha) as well recreate the pages which includes the forms.

    Okay I take that back. I noticed the plugin remembers the answer of the first captcha equation in Firefox only, how do I force it to forget? as I am using multiple instances of this plugin on various forms.

    It has something to do with calling these forms via shortcode.

    Plugin Author dFactory


    Yusri, the plugin uses only CF7 methods. If it behaves like so, especially in one browser only, it might be either broeser or CF7 itself.

    If I don’t use the shortcodes, and just insert the forms to those pages within the content area. They work fine.

    It is definitely something within the Maths Captcha plugin as I noticed the Maths Captcha answer would always refer to the answer on the home page. Which means – the answer is staying the same when the same form is rendered on a different page even though the question is different.

    Same problem here Yusri.

    Math captcha doesn’t always play well with other code above it on the Contact page.

    I had a Google Map shortcode above my math Captcha on the page. Aaaand, the Math Captcha wouldn’t work. Once I took the map off of the page the captcha worked fine on all browsers.

    Math Captcha likes to have the body of the page all to itself. Any other code above it- especially other shortcodes- can BORK the whole thing.

    It’s really weird as I couldn’t find the issue. I guess if it’s not on the plugin side then it’s some updating function with WordPress that messes with the plugin.

    Not too sure. What I did was added a quiz question through contact form 7 with a set mathematical equation and an answer. Only trouble with this is that it is constant and doesn’t change.

    I really don’t like picture captcha’s, it looks nasty.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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