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    In IE, everything looks fine. But with Firefox, a blog using the default theme (WordPress Default 1.5 by Michael Heilemann) displays incorrectly.

    I have not modified the default template in any way.

    The problem is that the center white window, in Firefox, does not extend down far enough to encompass all posts – it stops at the bottom of the sidebar and text of the posts extend down into the gray.

    I have saved the problem display here:

    Does anyone else have this problem? How to fix? This seems like a big goof on the part of the WP team.

    Is there some css trick I need to accomodate Firefox?

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  • That link is giving me a 404.

    Similar issues, but I’m more concerned that I’m missing something very basic, but not sure what. If you check out you can see what I mean. The css is not performing properly. I tried a different theme and no formatting happened at all. But only in firefox, IE 6 is just fine.

    This is not my first wordpress site, I’ve been setting them up for other folks for months, but never on these servers (VPS from Verio). The PHP and MySQL are in the acceptable range (I think). This is very weird. Any help is greatly appreciated.


    lvboomer since deko’s URL has gone dead, lets look at your blog.

    Is your “WordPress URI” = “Blog URI” = ?

    that should do the trick. It’s a default 2.0.2 installation with the standard theme. thanks for the help

    I haven’t tried 2.0.2 myself. But I’m running 2.0.1 locally looking fine.

    That’s a brand new, unmodified (AT ALL), 2.0.2 installation? No extra plugins, no mods? If so, yeah, looks like CSS is broken somehow. But validators validate both the html and the css.

    Can I still download 2.0.1 from source forge or the wordpress web site? I don’t mind trying to go back a level.

    Why not 1st try to upload the WP files again? You don’t have to re-run install.php or anything – well maybe a hard refresh on your browser.
    It would only take 5 minutes to find out if a file is corrupted.

    Actually grabbed the zip file instead of the tar file, unzipped it and uploaded over what was there, still no joy.

    “that should do the trick.”

    Does this mean “yes” to my question?

    Yes, sorry about the confusion, the full URI is: I have reloaded from the zip copy of 2.0.2 and nothing has changed. Still works fine in IE 6, but not in Firefox.

    I have heard that Opera, and perhaps Firefox, too, process PHP differently so sometimes there are issues.

    Weird. You’re right, the site looks fine in IE, but Firefox seems to be ignoring the CSS.

    I found this one link
    that talks about Firefox CSS bugs, but, frankly, I didn’t see anything immediately applicable.

    On the other hand, I took a “work in progress” site where I’m generally using a theme based on Ocadia (, and flipped it over to the default theme (Kubrick), and all looks fine in both Firefox and IE. See for a day or two. [I have added a couple of plugins, but since I knew I’d be working with another theme, I haven’t touched any of the theme/default files at all.] is wonderful. I have several folks here that are using 2.0.n and 1.5 and I can see all their sites just fine. I wonder if there is an apache config that I’m missing? Anyone know of anything I might check???


    I have the same problem FF stuffs up but IE is working fine for your URL.

    CSS validates perfectly.

    HTML validates perfectly.

    This is beyond me! :S

    @lvboomer: You said you tried other themes yeah? And the CSS wasn’t “firing” if you will on those either?

    Have you tried downloading some random 3rd party theme and seeing if that works?

    Also, have you spoken to your host about this? I’ve run many sites using 2.0.2 and never encountered a problem like this. So I’d guess that the problem sits in one of two places:

    1. During the upload process. But as others say the HTML and CSS are validating AND you say you haven’t changed anything this doesn’t seem likely. Out of interest, how did you upload the files?

    2. Something fishy with the server? I mean, in theory there a hundreds of other sites out there that render fine in Firefox that are identical. So what makes yours different?

    Actually, 3rdly, maybe some of the content or plugins? Have you tried tooling with your content and/or de-activitng plugins to see if one of them is affecting the CSS?

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