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  • Great theme! But… when viewed in firefox the header image shifts all the way to the right next to the header text.

    I can dive into the code, but I can imagine that I am not the only one that has that problem. Is this a known problem and will it be fixed?

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  • If you post a link to your site, someone can possibly help you with this, as is, impossible to say much.

    it’s still a WIP, but here it is: and it does it also with the default settings

    Did you add that image code to the header.php file?? Are you trying to use it as a background image perhaps?

    nope, I used the theme as is, as I already said: the default setting gives the same problem. That is why I bring it up. Otherwise I would dive into the code.

    So, to be clear: it is the Gridiculous theme and it is great but the header image does strange things in firefox

    I’m experiencing the same issue with Firefox and the Gridiculous theme. I used Chrome to set up the site & test-drive the theme and everything was swell, it’s a lovely responsive theme and just what I was looking for. I used a custom header image that I uploaded per the Grididulous theme’s UI. When I tested the site in Firefox, the header image appears next to the title and subtitle text. Here’s a screencap of what the site looks like in Firefox:

    In Chrome, the image box (with “Welcome..” and some square images, its really just one header image) appears below the site subtitle (“The Environment Science….”) as it should.

    @rfboyce, per the forum rules, please post your own thread if you want help. You’ll also need to include a link to your site for help with something like this — images are useless.

    Hello WPyogi, thanks for the tips, but since this seems to be the same issue that MiekeRoth experienced I posted here. I’m happy to start a new thread if you think that would help to better document this issue.

    The site is currently, however, I posted the screen cap because I am currently troubleshooting the issue myself, and I don’t know if it will persist, or if I will continue to use the Gridiculous theme.

    @rfboyce, I would like you to stay in this tread. This isn’t an issue with something we made ourselves but an issue with this theme, that is great in everything else but this small issue. And I don’t think we are the only ones: it is a default issue with this theme. I was hoping the developer of this theme could react. thus far I haven’t received any response that helped me.

    Yes, in this case, it may be the same issue, but the forums work better when only one person is being helped at a time — otherwise it gets very confusing to have multiple conversations mixed together :). And really, your problem can never be identical to someone else’s as you don’t have identical sites or servers, etc. So generally, best to start a new one.

    But, I did look at your site and it certainly has the same problem as above. Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with that theme, so can’t really tell you if it’s a bug or just a set-up problem given that grid systems can be kind of complex. The theme developer does have a dedicated site, so you might poke around there and see if you can find any info / help.

    (Or like you said, finding another theme might be the easiest option…)

    Oh wonderful, that did the trick! Thanks to you both 🙂

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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