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    By using FIREFOX, the “Login activity” page does not display content. The list of attempts and banned IPs is absent. There is a javascript error:
    “TypeError: t.bind is not a function” script: view.min.js: 1: 76220.

    By using Chrome, everything is correct, the list is present. No javascript error.

    Have you noticed this behavior or maybe it is an effect due to another plugin (optimization)


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    Hi Michel,

    Thank you for reporting!

    I double-checked the Login Activity page in Firefox for a few different sites (different plugins, levels of activity, some had bans, some didn’t, etc.), and it displayed correctly for all of them.

    That doesn’t mean you’re crazy, just that debugging might be… fun!

    Real quick, you are running the latest versions of both Firefox (54) and Apocalypse Meow (21.0.3), right?

    1. Can you tell where view.min.js is coming from? That isn’t a file included with Apocalypse Meow.
    2. Do you see that “t.bind” error on any other pages?
    3. Are the other Apocalypse Meow pages, like Settings, working?
    4. What optimization plugin are you using?
    5. Are you using any Firefox Add-Ons you can think of that might make changes to a page, block content, etc.?

    Thank you again for taking the time to help debug the plugin!

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    Thank you for your answer.

    Sorry, I forgot to give you some usual information’s :
    Firefox 54.0.1, WordPress 4.8, Apocalypse Meow 21.0.3.

    For Firefox, no plugin.
    For WordPress, I use : a3 Lazy Load, Autoptimize, Comet Cache, NinjaFirewall (WP Edition) and Polylang.
    And yes, the file is “vue.min.js”.

    The only page where I have this error is on “login activity”, no where else.
    On this page (login activity), Javascript stop and don’t display any information.

    I think, it is specific to my installation and I will take time to have fun (debugging) and give you some useful information’s. (I will need time).


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    Hmmm, I gave Autoptimize, Comet Cache, and NinjaFirewall a shot to see if they’d break one of my test installs, but no such luck, at least under the settings I tried.

    If you don’t mind, would you please try this version: (You can just upload those files over the ones already on the server.)

    It changes the way the Javascript data is written to the page; should be less susceptible to optimization-type operations. 😉 You may or may not need to clear your browser and/or site cache to see the new files in action.

    just fyi; Autoptimize is never active on WordPress’ backend (/wp-admin/), so assuming the “login activity”-page is behing wp-admin this could not be an AO-problem 🙂

    good luck in troubleshooting & have a nice weekend!
    frank (ao dev)

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    Thanks for the clarification, @optimizingmatters! That’s inline with what I observed when testing that plugin cocktail too; the external asset links were still there, and still in the positions expected.

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    Hello Bolbfolio,

    I have deployed the archive on my test setup.
    I also disabled all plugins optimization and caching.

    Still on the page “Login activity”, I now receive an additional error. I give you here the trace of the Firefox console:
    TypeError: t.bind is not a function
    Trace de la pile :
    TypeError: results.bans is undefined
    Trace de la pile :
    anonymous@http://blog.wordpress/wp-content/plugins/apocalypse-meow/js/vue.min.js?ver=20170714 line 1 > Function:3:4076

    I think the Firefox browser has a problem and I think I will switch to Chrome. Finally, there is no real problem since all the attempts are saved in the database and I can view it in several ways (Chrome or database). For me the problem is solved. Thank you for your support and best regards.

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    Thank you again for taking the time to help debug, @michelbouchon! It is much appreciated.

    I know you said the issue is resolved as far as you’re concerned, but your last post gave me an idea. I made one small tweak and updated the archive at

    If you have time, I would be grateful if you’d re-download the zip and give the new files a try (again, you can just upload over what you already have).

    If that doesn’t fix things, we can call it a day. 🙂

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    Quick note: the changes I mentioned have been pushed in version 21.0.4, so you don’t have to worry about downloading that pre-release Zip. Next time you run updates, just give it a quick look in Firefox and let me know if that did the trick.

    On a related note, an upcoming release will get some CSS love for Firefox. Those changes missed this window, but are officially Coming Soon. 🙂

    Thanks again for your help!

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