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  • I’ve got a site going at using a theme I purchased from Template Monster. I’ve been developing in Chrome and everything is fine, everything also appears basically as it should in Safari.

    Firefox and Internet Explorer however seem to be having major css issues with my pages. It basically looks like no styling is being applied whatsoever, although a few basic color rules are being read correctly. I had been checking the site in Firefox the past few weeks and while it wasn’t rendering perfectly, it certainly wasn’t as broken as this.

    I’ve never seen a cross-browser disparity this great, anyone with any ideas as to why Mozilla and IE would be doing this while Chrome and Safari look fine would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Start by validating your site for errors and if you need further help, you’ll need to contact the developer/vendor — commercial themes are not supported here.

    ok thanks

    Hi Vin,

    After taking a quick look at your website on Chrome and IE.

    I can see the problem and it’s quite drastic. It could either be a javascript error in the head part of your code or the 31 stylesheet error that I.E causes.

    I’m thinking its more towards the javascript side as it doesn’t work in firefox.

    Debugging is a pain, and I’m not very experienced in this area as I only use jquery and try and avoid it at the best of times.


    ok thank you danny_ Definitely not my area of expertise either…I’m in the process of submitting a ticket to the vendor, hopefully they will be willing to resolve this for me

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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