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  • 10x for the update Podz

    Been using 1.5 for quite a while, it’s kickass. 😀

    Recently I upgraded to 1.5 from Firefox 1.0.7, and I’m having a small issue related, I think, to WordPress. When I edit an already published WordPress post, Firefox 1.5 opens a tremendous number of new tabs, one right after the next.

    I love Firefox 1.5, except for this one issue (that wasn’t a problem in 1.0.7), has any other WordPress user experienced this issue?

    That has not happened to me. What version of WP are you using?

    In an attempt to fix some other issue, two days ago I downgraded to WP, and putting 1.5.2 files back up is on my list of things to do (or undo :-). I think I’ll go do that right now, and give it a try, thanks for the reminder.

    on edit:
    Nope, that wasn’t the issue, It still happens with WP 1.5.2.

    I had to install IE to view and adjust my theme in the last few weeks, perhaps I need to get rid of IE completely.

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    Are you running any extensions with Firefox v1.5? And, have you changed Firefox’s theme?

    I’ve got 1.5, a bunch of extensions and a different theme, and that doesn’t happen to me. Of course, one of the extensions I have is tabbrowser. May make a dif….

    I thought of that macmanx, I have a bunch of extensions, and I did “disable” all of them, it made no difference. (one of the best features of Firefox is the many extensions available) However, I did not “uninstall” them. Tabbrowser is one of the extensions….

    I have not changed Firefox’s theme.

    As an additional test, I completely uninstalled IE, using Total Uninstall and IEradicator. Still have the same issue with Firefox 1.5.

    FWIW, the OS is Win98SE.

    Um. Strike anything most anyone here posted then. I personally haven’t used 98 in years. Only OS I have any info on (other than a bit on the kanotix distro of debian linux) is XP Pro.

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    Are you sure that you want to run Tabbbrowser? The developer clearly states that it is “strongly unrecommended by Mozilla Foundation”.

    *sigh* Are you addressing that to me? If so, thanks, but I’ve been using it for a LONG time now, it works just fine. Probably one of the “opposing developers” belongs to Mozilla Foundation or something. I don’t much care what the dev says as long as the extension works – which, for me, it does.

    I uninstalled Tabbrowser, it makes no difference. I have grown used to the little tab or button on the left that opens a new tab, so that’s the only reason I can see to keep Tabbrowser.

    If I figure out a way to resolve this issue, I’ll post here again.

    On edit, thanks for your help vkaryl, too.

    As an update, I ended up un-installing Firefox 1.5 then re-installing Firefox 1.0.7. Ran into a couple of issues along the way … but when done, went back into WordPress to make a simple edit (added a carriage return) to a post, after pressing “save”, Firefox timed out and the edit window never refreshed, but when I checked the article, indeed the post had been updated. Now(!) I recall this is how it always worked for me on my site.

    I thought to check this on another WordPress blog, one that is likely hosted on a different machine. Firefox 1.0.7 refreshes after “save” on edit just fine. So I loaded up Firefox 1.5 again, and tested it on this other blog. It saves a post just fine without opening up any additional tabs. It is only on a particular weblog and server that the issues I’ve described above happen.

    Since the only difference besides the browser version used in the tests was the blog and its server, it’s certainly possible, if not likely, that Firefox 1.5 is not the cause of the issue I was having.

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    What happens if you disable all of your blog’s plugins (including any third-party admin themes)?

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