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  • hi,
    i’ve just installed wordpress and i’m really impressed, but the blog does not display any styles when browsed with Firefox/Moz, only with IE and Opera.
    any idea why? haven’t tweaked any files as of yet..

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Do you have a link so we can take a peek ?

    i don’t have a link, because i’m running it on my local machine at the minute, a win2k sp4 computer with php 4.3.6
    maybe i should put WordPress up on my webspace and try again, but i can’t imagine that would change anything.. or would it?
    the pages are simply unstyled, i’m getting no error messages whatsoever. it seems the css is not applied at all.
    are you running Firefox/Mozilla?

    hi again,
    ok, it apparently DOES make a difference whether the install is local or remote, at least in my case.. Firefox displays the pages just fine running WordPress from my test site at

    Might have been a chmod issue locally.

    thanks for the hint, but to be honest, i’ve no idea how to chmod files on windows… <blushes> well, i actually do have an idea and am downloading a ftp server, so i can try to set up a local server, maybe that does the trick..

    The problem of Moz/FF not displaying the style right on LocalHost is cookie related. The style switcher uses cookies to track what style to load. Since the cookie can’t be saved, it can’t be loaded. I have this problem in general with WP on LocalHost…. I’m convinced it’s a LocalHost problem and not WP. I *think* may have found the answer, and will test as soon as I can. I’ll post results when I cna.

    interesting point,
    i agree that it’s a localhost problem, i can’t see how flushing the browser cache clears a cookie problem though.
    why can’t the cookie be saved on localhost?
    i’ve just double-checked here and deleted the css mime type from my web server and voila the styles are not displayed anymore.
    please let me know about your tests.

    ThP: I think TechGnome is misunderstanding your problem and answering a different question. I’m guessing he is thinking you are using the style-switcher hack and having problems getting it to work. That hack uses cookies, and wouldn’t work on your local server unless it was setup to do the cookie thing.
    If I’m understanding correctly that your problem is that the style simply wasn’t showing up, then you can disregard TechGnome’s reply in this situation. Your problem was the MIME type, which you have solved. 🙂

    ah, you’re probably right about the misunderstanding…
    thanks for the explanation and friendly words :^)

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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