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  • Well…my wifes blog actually, but it’s my baby. It’s for her photography business. I’m pretty proud of it, learned a lot while working on it. I would appreciate feedback on how it looks on other browsers, all I can really test is IE 6/7 & Firefox. I’ve been told that the comments dates are off in Safari, but that’s it. Anyway, here it is:


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  • hi there, an excellent job !
    I’m sure your wife will be proud.
    Very stylish with a good impact.
    I particularly like the single column.
    Great photos too.
    Good luck.

    Great job. I think it looks great. I like the pictures too!

    Nice touch with the flash banner. I am going to crack open abook and start creating my own themes as well.

    Nice! You need a favicon though 🙂

    Your kids are darling. And I do like the design. It lets the photos shine and that’s the most important part. You’ll be happy to learn that it looks fabu in Opera 9.24 as well. And if it looks great on my old and cranky verson of IE6, then it prolly looks good everywhere else. Other than the Mac browsers, all your bases appear to be covered.

    Now, get off the computer and go mow the grass! 😛

    P.S. One thing, tho. The “watermarks.” I understand you wanting to protect your wife’s intellectual property. Consider a digital watermarking service or a more transparent watermark. ??

    P.P.S. And hello from Houston (Idylwood/East End). 🙂

    I like the design, the style, the drop down menus, the backgrounds, the header. What i dont like is having too many big pictures in your front page that takes about a year to load them. You might consider using thubnails or using a couple of images and then a “read more” for each series of pics.

    Thank you for the comments/feedback.

    @phototristan: I completely agree. I’ve started to work on one a few times, but never finished or was not able to come up with anything that I liked.

    @jonimueller: Yeah, I don’t like the watermarks either, but the pics do need to be protected, especially when most of them are of kids. I haven’t really looked into digital watermarking. Have any links that I can browse through? I found a javascript that hides the location of the pics and if I could get it to work like flickr (where if you right click and save the pic file it will just save a blank .gif) then we wouldn’t have to worry about the watermark. Oh and SE side here!

    @deuced: The only reservation I have about that is that it is a photo blog. I figure that a majority of the visitors to the site will be on broadband of some sort so it shouldn’t be that big of a problem. I actually tried the thumbnails before and I got feedback from several visitors that they didn’t like having to click to see the pics, they’d rather just scroll through them. I may try limiting it to like two posts per page or something like that and see if that helps.

    Thanks again!

    Hey Mr Pool. My name is Jake. If you want a nice little video slide show let me know. For you I will do free of charge.

    For the pictures on the site? Thank you for the offer, but I do my own slideshows with ProShow Producer.
    the youtube quality turned out to be horrible converting from widescreen, lol.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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