• Kills most but not all structured data. Description by Yoast still exists, duplicating that line by my preferred SEO replacement. Really appreciate this though.

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  • Plugin Author Roy Orbitson


    Are you referring to <meta>s? Yoast only provides one hook to filter ld+json scripts, which all this plugin was ever meant to do.

    I have added extra filtering for the new Gutenberg editor, want to try it out to see if it suppresses the extra scripts? Add this to the end of the current plugin’s php:

        , function() {
            if (!function_exists('register_block_type')) {
            $block_registry = WP_Block_Type_Registry::get_instance();
            $yoast_blocks = array(
            foreach ($yoast_blocks as $yoast_block) {
                $yoast_block = $block_registry->get_registered($yoast_block);
                if ($yoast_block && is_array($yoast_block->render_callback)) {
                    $yoast_block->render_callback = function($attributes, $content) {
                        return $content;
        , 15 # after wpseo_init
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