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  • Hey all, I know this is asking a lot but I was hoping I could cajole a bit of advice from some one out there.

    I have a straight HTML website called The Sixties which I created about 6 years ago. It is made up of each of the 10 years with 8 categories for each, or 80 single static html pages.

    It has gradually gone down in traffic from about 2000 a day to 500 a day. I believe that with a new design, and incorporating it into WORDPRESS I could get it back to a viable site.

    I would like to have each page retain it’s double column layout using articles rather than subtitles for the category content. This would add the SEO power of article titles and the ability to COMMENT which should automatically help Google see new content. I would also need to be able to add some widgets in the content.

    I have played around with both HEADWAY and Magazine Premium but just cannot seem to find the proper way of doing this.

    I had hoped there was some way I could make the layout of the category pages the same as the FRONT page which I could then do easily with Magazine Premium. Or I could create columns in CONTENT CSS, which I would need a little help with to start out. Or a theme or plugin I do not know about? Or perhaps another set of eyes can see a whole new way of doing this. Of course I could easily use static PAGES with tables, but that would be little different than what I have now.

    I picked one of the 8 categories with the most sub titles (10) which I would use as articles. But another set of eyes clicking around for a minute may see the answer to this which I am too close to.


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