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  • Hello,

    Im new to word press and making websites and im trying to help out a friend build one.

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section, as i really don’t know what i’m doing

    I want it to look basically like this: but with a shop feature and a big fotter like: I need it to be responsive as well. Are there any themes anyone could recommend? if not is the ‘estimate widget’ do- able using contact form 7 and the ‘did you know’ a standard text widget?

    I really appreciate any help anyone can give me 🙂

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  • Kase


    Hi Scott123,

    1. Breakdown the features of the site you are reviewing for inspiration i.e. The features you would like in the site you are building.

    E.g. These are the main features I think you are seeking:

    – Responsive
    – Slider
    – Left-Hand Navigation
    – Social Media Integration
    – Footer Widgets
    – Form Builder for your * Call to Action Widget (Get an estimate).

    So, you can now use the web or a Theme Marketplace and use these kind of keywords to browse for your perfect theme.

    Call to Action Widget (Get an estimate)

    Yes, you can do this with Contact Form 7. The top header (the orange bit) and the background colour are elements you would create.

    The actual form would just ‘sit on top/inside’ of that.

    Also the buttons would normally match those of the Theme you are using.

    ‘did you know’ a standard text widget

    You could create that affect using Theme shortcodes of a shortcode plugin to make an icon list that uses arrows instead of bullet points.

    Hi Kase,

    Thank you for such a fast response and thank you for such a good and helpful answer 🙂 i have now also been asked to include e -commerce so i will most likely use woo commerce. Ive started to look at themes but am confused about all of the premium sties etc is there a site you or some one could recommend?

    Thanks again



    You are totally welcome. Glad to help.

    You are going to be working with this theme for quite a while you get your friend’s site ready.

    I understand that the choice is massive but that is a good thing. Don’t feel overwhelmed.

    Just like shoping for anything else, keep your objectives (desired features) in mind first and foremost.

    And remember, just like with the Contact 7 plugin. Woocommerce is a plugin that you will use to add functionality. Start by finding your theme. After that he plugins will..well. just plug in to your chosen theme 😀


    – start with pleasing to your eyes,
    – then check for functionality (desired features)
    – then have a look at user comments/feedback *pretty important in my opinion*

    Finally, don’t rush or stress. Make sure you pay for a quality product with great support.

    I hope this helps.

    If you are brand new to WP, I’d suggest starting with a free theme from the repository on this site –

    That way, you will get a better idea of what you want in a theme before you spend money. Also, commercial themes aren’t necessarily “better” and many are more complicated to use. For sure, make sure any commercial theme is well-supported – as these forums don’t support them.

    Suffusion is a theme with TONS of built-in options and great support from the developer, so you might check that one out.





    …don’t rush or stress. Make sure you select a quality product with great support.

    Cheers to @ WPyogi


    I have NO experience with WordPress, but would like to to get some feedback on what theme would be good for an intranet site. Basically the theme would need the following functionality:
    employee login
    segregated access
    forms for hr and security
    employee contact directory- can this be linked to active directory?
    news feeds
    I am sure there is more, but can’t think of it now….?

    I would just like a starting point…what is the “best” responsive intranet theme??

    Thanks in advance for your help!!

    Firstly thank you all for your kind words and contribution, its people like you that inspire confidence into people new to the word press world such as my self. i have been looking at this theme:
    but it costs a lot. WPyogi I have looked at the Suffusion theme but am totally confused as how i would make the menu bar at the top and manipulate the theme to make it look like the chips away site.

    Again thanks for everyones help 🙂

    Hello again from taking everything you guys said ive found this theme: it also has a free version but i think the added features make it perfect. Again if anyone has any background with the company or the themes would help.


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