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  • When I set up the database settings for wordpress, I was being prompted by the tech support for the host. You know how if you’re on the cellphone when you park the car, you might forget where the car is parked?

    Well, that’s what has happened. I am in a vicious circle where I can’t get information from the host because “WordPress is a 3rd party program.”

    I realize I need to rewrite the wp-config.php file but I don’t remember what I called everything in that nice drop down window that asked me to name the database, the user name, the password, localhost.

    So, can someone tell me where that information may be hidden or how to access it? Or, do I call the host up and tell them I need to uninstall WordPress from their server in my account and start over?

    Simplest way to get there would be appreciated.


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  • That information you provided are saved in wp-config.php and this file is heart of your website do not change anything unless you know what you are doing.

    No, i need the information to fill in the config.php file.

    I created a file off line. I had to create a config file to work with MAMP. I now want to upload this site. When I installed WordPress on the server, and it asked me to name the database, user name, password I rushed thru it and forgot what that information is. I need that information so I can change the wp-config.php file for the offline site so it will match.

    In the meantime, what I’m doing is uninstalling wordpress from the server and starting over. It seems like it will be the fastest way to go. This time, when the window drops down and asks me to create a database, username, user password, I’lL WRITE THEM DOWN! Then, hopefully, I go into the wp-config file that is local. Change that info, then upload on ftp and it works. Hope. Full. Ly.

    Thanks for your response though. Maybe someone will be able to tell me where that inforaation is (what file it is stored in), or if there is a widget that will let you see that information. It helps to have it if you are moving a site, too.

    On server click on database icon and there you will see all the database that created and the user assigned to the database.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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