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  • I’m making a site ( but can’t figure out how to widen the width of my pages so they take up more space to the right. If you look at my site you’ll see the text in the different pages is pretty narrow.

    I’ve searched my theme’s css file (erudite.css)through and through and changed the values in every spot I thought it could be but haven’t had any luck. If someone could help me out it would be much appreciated, thanks you.

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  • Hi mugatu3,

    Please try to search out the style attribute ‘.entry-content’ from the erudite.css file of your theme.

    Change the values of this attribute according to your requirements.

    After that save the changes and reload the file.

    I hope that helps you.


    Thank Accu, I have found that attribute and have tried changing the values that I thought would do the trick but as of now I can’t get that text to budge. There are a lot of different possible places in the erudite.css file to change entry-content attributes:

    /* Posts */, {position:relative; margin:0 0 3.2em; min-height:21.6em;

    .post .hidden {overflow:hidden !important;}
    .entry-content hr, .hr {height:2.0em; background:url(../images/fleuron.png)

    center 2em no-repeat; margin:1 1 1.4em; display:block; border-width:100px;

    border-style: none !important;}
    .entry-title, .entry-title a {color:#555; text-decoration:none;}
    .entry-title a:hover {text-decoration:underline;}
    .entry-title {margin:0 0 .5em; line-height:1.5;}
    h3.entry-title {margin-bottom:.857em;}
    .entry-content p, .entry-content li, .entry-content dt, .entry-content dd

    {font-size:1.6em; margin-bottom:.75em;}
    .entry-content li li {font-size:1em;}
    .entry-content table {font-size:1.6em; margin:1em 0;}
    .entry-content table p {font-size:1em; text-indent:0;}
    .entry-content td, .entry-content th {padding:.125em .5em; text-

    .entry-content pre {font-size:1.4em;}
    .entry-content legend {font-size:1.4em; text-align:center; text-indent:0;}
    .entry-content p {text-indent:1em; text-align:justify;}
    .entry-content blockquote {padding-left:3em; position:relative;}
    .entry-content blockquote::before {content:”\201C”; position:absolute;

    font-size:4.8em; line-height:1; left:.1em; top:0; color:#999;}
    .entry-content blockquote::after {content:”\201D”; position:absolute; font

    -size:4.8em; line-height:1; right:-.5em; bottom:-.55em; color:#999;}
    .js .entry-content blockquote::before, .js .entry-content blockquote::after

    .js .entry-content blockquote .quote {position:absolute; font-size:4.8em;

    line-height:1; color:#999; display:block;}
    blockquote .before {left:.1em; top:0;}
    blockquote .after {right:-.5em; bottom:-.55em;}
    .entry-content blockquote p {font-size:1.5em; text-indent:0;}
    .entry-content ul li, .entry-content ol li {text-indent:-.5em; padding-

    .entry-content ul li {list-style: disc outside;}
    .entry-content ol li {list-style: decimal outside;}
    .entry-content li ol, .entry-content li ul {margin:.5em 0 0 .5em;}

    I tried changing the margins and border width that are next to the first entry-content but that didn’t do anything. Any idea which one of them is the one that will change it?

    Thanks so much for the help

    Hi mugatu3,

    I can see that the pages of your site are displaying properly.

    Please check it at your convenience.


    Thanks Accu,

    Yes I figured it out (actually a friend of mine figured it out and made the changes for me) I don’t know what he did, he just went in and changed the style.css code himself. He is going to explain it to me once he has time to but until then I guess ignorance is bliss. I’m going to leave this post as open because once he explains it to me I’ll post what he did on here. Thanks again for the help

    I have a similar problem. My theme has a wide column and a narrow column. I’ve changed their widths in the stylesheet, but the text doesn’t expand with the column. Can’t find any text styles that would make the text wider. Help??

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