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  • rhuggett


    this is my first time to use the forum so please forgive me if I have not done it correctly.
    I am looking for a free theme similar to Hatch which is now no longer supported. I like that it is a parent child theme and I like the features and the way it looks. Can anyone point me to a similar WordPress theme?
    Thanks, Rae

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  • Joy


    There’s no such thing as a parent child theme. It’s either a parent or a child, not both.
    You will have to look for themes yourself, since most people here don’t know what you want and are here for problems they are having.



    Just because a theme hasn’t been updated in several years doesn’t mean you can’t use it.

    You could either purchase Hatch or Hatch Pro from the author (AlienWP) or install the older hatch that’s available from the WordPress repository and see if it works still and fits your needs.

    If it works then I would probably make use of the to create a child theme for that one and put any changes I might make into the child theme. Then run that.

    You’re probably wondering what might happen if it breaks… in that case you buy the Pro version if the author assures you that will run and do the update. Or, you dig in to fix it yourself or else you hire a developer to fix it. Or you find a different theme. Plenty of options there.

    If you are running a child theme at that point and it breaks then your own changes should be there in case an update did happen (not likely at this point) so you don’t lose your changes.

    I wouldn’t choose a WordPress theme based on a claim of ‘Child Theme’ compatibility. Most every theme is Child Theme Compatible. I imagine the author offers a rudimentary child theme or knows that the theme behaves well as a child theme… but most themes would anyway.

    Sometimes you’ll find a theme and then a few other themes that are child themes of a popular parent theme. Twenty Thirteen comes to mind… I think there are still a dozen or more child themes available for Twenty Thirteen.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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