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  • dfarese


    Hello, I am running WordPress 4.3.1 with Awake theme. I created this site for my families furniture store. The website is done and I also filled out the built in theme SEO. But when you type in the area we live looking for furniture in Google it doesn’t show our website. The only way our website shows up in Google is if you type the name in exactly. So how do I make it so people can search for furniture stores in our area and find our website?


    Thank you.

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  • Doodlebee


    This isn’t really a WordPress question, it’s an SEO one.

    However, how long ago did you put the site up? Was it a brand-new domain name? Have you submitted it to Google? If it’s a brand-new domain name, and a brand new website that’s never existed before, it takes Google a while to pick sites up. I’ve seen it take as long as 6 months. it’s NEVER instantaneous – not unless your site is well-established and has lots of good incoming links.

    You’ve just stepped into the thing that *everyone* believes – you put up a site and that’s all you have to do. A website is only *part* of your marketing strategy. You have to get the name out there, get people linking to it, etc. etc. You can’t just “built it and they will come.”

    You might want to go read Jill Whalen to get some ideas on how to proceed (because again, this isn’t a WordPress question.) That’ll get you started.



    I put the site 4 months ago, I put key words in the SEO. What do you mean by submitting to Google. Is their a step I have to do with Google themselves? I am new to this, so please, bare with me 🙂



    Yes, you have to go into your webmaster tools and submit to Google. If the site is linked from other sites, then you don’t need to (it’ll take longer for them to index you though), but to get a move on things, you just need to tell Google it exists and submit it to them. they’ll put it in their queue, rather than you having to wait for them to get to it in a roundabout way.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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