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  • So, I probably sound completely clueless. Which I am, because I am totally new to this (well, new as in I still don’t always know what I am doing). Anyways, a few years ago on my site I was using WP to do everything. But when I logged in I logged in on the domain and life got busy and it expired and someone else bought it before I could renew it. I contacted this person and they wouldn’t sell it back to me, so I think I lost all the work I did on my WP. I had all the code and everything saved and that laptop is gone now. I learned to save in multiple locations at least… But I worked so so hard to make that what I wanted it to be. Is there ANY way to get that information back? Please ask questions if I am not being clear. I don’t know any of the technical terms…

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  • Anyone have any ideas?

    your data should be in your hosting not with the domain. do you still have the hosting, if yes then everything is there. or if the hosting has expired and hosting company has canceled your account then no way to get it back as data. however you can try “website wayback” tool may be you can see some of the text there.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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