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  • I have been doing my blog for about a month and have got 2 messages I want to look at. One suggested I used a magazine theme instead, the other thought it was confusing.

    I’m creating houses

    I upload at some sites. I like to talk about the process making them. It can be complicated, and I go back and forth between different projects. I can see how it can be confusing.

    I need to be keen on who makes what and keep track of different demands by different sites. Some sites have even payfiles, and I make both pay and free houses. Payhouses needs to be in those files and have to go on that site. To add to it the game I use has bugs, tons of them … and I have to navigate between all the obsticles.

    Most importantly is my creative process of moving back and forth between projects. I solve problems in one project in my mind, the same time I build another house.

    I was only gonna make this a blog where I can just write on, but perhaps I should structure it a bit.

    What I would like you to help me on is some background so I can make a choice on theme to change to later. What do you think about this? If you have a theme to suggested please tell me. My style is a bit as in the link. Flowing but simple, it’s “Dusk To Dawn” with 6 Widgets.

    Edit: just a little … I’m not the one who earns money, at least not now.

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