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  • This is my first post with WordPress. I am new, so let me know if my post should be corected in the future by asking it in a better way.

    I am creating a website with multiple functionalities. Can anyone help me find a plugin that allows me to create documents.

    Example, in every organization, there are certain paperwork we use daily. I want to be able to create a docuemnt into a PDF and enter the data into the document and print it out. Lets take a “fax cover letter” instead of printing it out then hand writing on the paper, I want to create a “fax cover letter” into a pdf formate.

    Any one help?


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  • 360


    have you considered using
    easy for creating pdfs

    Hi 360.

    Is a plugin with WordPress?

    I am trying to create a website that has many functionalites in one website. So, if this is a seperate application, it would not work.




    it`s a service by google not connected in any form with WordPress.
    sorry, I didn`t know of any plugin which is able to create pdfs.

    Because I am new to WordPress and starting out. What is the best way to find/filter plugins? I have about over 10 different functions I need on my site. I know what each function is and can explain it in plain english, but I dont know if would be explain in my way when looking for it.

    With my PDF document example, how would I have looked for it? Just up documents to amend in a pdf formate?

    Also, Im looking for a sales report plug in. Example if you sold a product it would show sales, type of time, date, how referred, comission and more. Any idea’s for a plug in for that?


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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